Chew On This! | 5 things this Dentist wants You to Consider

by Charlene SanJenko, November 22, 2017

harmony dental clinicYou’ve got your hustle working and you run your team (even when it is only you).  Be the boss in your smile care also.  Much like your logo is part of your business brand, your smile is the first impression you give everyone you meet.

These power moves help you take charge of your oral care and help you save money in the dental chair:

1.  Buy an ultrasonic toothbrush.

No longer a luxury purchase, price-points start around $40 and can rise to $200, depending on features.  As far as gum health goes, ultrasonic brushes rule the power toothbrush world and do a vastly better job then a manual brush.  Using one does not replace flossing – no matter how hard you cram the bristles between your teeth! So do both.  Generally, the better job you do at home, the less dental work you will need.

2.  Step up for last minute appointments.

If your schedule allows, ask to be put on the stand-by or short notice list, and ask for a 5-10% discount for making it to those appointments.  

Having patients not come or cancel with short notice really kills the productivity of the day.  Having someone on-call and fill a ‘missed’ appointment is a godsend.  Just be honest with your situation.  For this to work, you need to be able to show up within 10-15 minutes of the call.

3.  Consider braces or other aesthetic fixes.

Anything that stands in the way of your most confident Self is worth addressing.  These are the things that hold you back from living your vision of your fullest potential.  See this as an investment. Today’s dentistry has so many options.  Find a dental care provider whom you feel comfortable discussing your options with.

4.  Have a budget.

Especially if you do not have dental insurance, you must work dental care into your family’s budget.  Consider starting a health care savings account instead of trying to pay for private insurance. Not only is it useful for dental, but vision care, massage, medications, physiotherapy or any extra health care expenses that come up.  On average, patients pay approximately $500 just for ‘maintenance’ check ups and cleanings.  Budget higher if you are cavity prone or are considering other treatments.

5.  Don’t delay.

Dental problems don’t get better on their own.  They also don’t wait until you have more time or money.  Waiting only makes the problem more extensive and thus more expensive.  Dental pain only comes when the problem is severe.

Your best life includes a smile full of health and vitality!

Dr. Maureen Bea Piché founded Harmony Dental Studio in 2010.  Her dental practice serves the community of Steveston in Richmond, BC.  Maureen’s direct focus is caring for patients as a whole person and not just their dental condition.  Harmony Dental Studio is a destination clinic for esthetic and restorative dentistry.  In addition to her work, Maureen is also devoted to encouraging female health professionals through Apollonia Coaching study club.  She sits on the BCDA boards for Dental Mentorship, Geriatric Dentistry, and the MLA network.  Lovingly supported by her husband Kirk and three kids at home.  They spend time together in the kitchen and garden, BMX track, camping and dance classes.

Charlene SanJenko

Charlene SanJenko is the Founder and CEO of PowHERhouse, a social impact organization utilizing a multi-media platform to build strong women.

A vibrant entrepreneur who embodies lifestyle + leadership, Charlene finds her greatest joy bringing together powHERful women ready to make an impact and change the world, powHERfully – one woman, one family and one community at a time.

“We recognize that the change our world needs is us, and we’re stepping up, speaking up and showing up to take action, together. We recognize the importance of integrating lifestyle + leadership. PowHERful women require strength, energy, confidence and connections to realize and sustain their dreams.”

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