Celebrating Louise Crawley and Life Living

Louise CrawleyMeet Louise.  Modern Day Medicine Woman & Community-Living Visionary

Louise Crawley works worldwide as an Empath & Body Therapist and Transformational Intuitive Coach.

Her soul’s calling has taken her work above and beyond the massage table where her journey as a healer began.

Driven by a love for creating community spaces where people feel held and nurtured, Louise is a Co-Founder of Life Living, a global residency program that allows her to help both local and international clients overcome ‘dis – ease’ by focusing on ‘the why’ from a space of love, compassion and sensuality to bring you HOME to YOU.

Louise’s fully integrated work treats a leader’s body and soul, allowing you to sink deeply inside of yourself and truly connect with all of you, taking you far beyond the mind to tap you back into your spirit in the most profound way.

With years of experience as a trained Regressional and Rebirth Visualisation Therapist, Reiki Master, Massage Therapist, and Tantric Healer.

From Trauma to Awakening.

Louise’s message in this moment is this: “Work does not always have to be taken too seriously… Journeying home can also be lots of FUN!”

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