Kathy McCrum

Vice President HR and Safety at SaskPower

Kathy is a Creativity Cultivator who tenaciously explores the relationship between personal responsibility and up-leveled action to activate a team's full potential in a family, community or organization. She believes in non-typical interactions, creative thinking and courageous speaking to bring "More You" in life and work.

Kathy’s career has placed her squarely within seemingly serious industries such as transportation, heavy equipment, petroleum-refining, and now utilities. The common thread throughout each experience has been an opportunity to lead differently - lighter.

Rare, real, and responsible are key leadership pillars for Kathy in her volunteer, professional and parenting roles.



What if every person in the world held a true sense of personal accountability?
“The moment you take responsibility for everything in your life is the moment you can change anything in your life.” Hal Elrod

"We likely all remember our parents trying to teach us the importance of owning up to our actions. To be truthful. I can hear my Mom now … “Kathy, are you sure you are telling the truth? You know that nobody likes liars…. You will be in far less trouble for owning up to what you did, than being untruthful.”

It is so interesting that years later this simple statement is so relevant.

Powering UP Our People!

Our next decade moves us toward cleaner energy with a more competitive environment requiring a mix of skillsets and competencies at SaskPower and within the electricity industry. Moving the dial on our Diversity and Inclusion strategy plays a significant part in our future success. SaskPower leaders will be more dynamic, innovative and inspiring!

People Power: Powering Up Your Purpose, Performance & Potential with SaskPower is our mobilization initiative that is a foundational part of our strategy and will help us accelerate our desired outcome of supporting, stretching and inspiring women at SaskPower.

Our partnership with PowHERhouse was announced at the 2019 Western Canada Leadership Accelerator.

MORE YOU in 2020!

Bringing “More You” to your leadership encourages us to stop worrying so much about the traditional norms and whether we are swimming with the current.
We will not be remembered for what we didn’t say; like Wayne Gretzky's famous advice, “You will miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”


Kathy McCrum Personal Responsibility

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By Guest Author | November 22, 2018

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Kathy McCrum is a senior leader deeply rooted in exploring the potential of creativity to cultivate a high-functioning team culture where up-levelled personal responsibility and unleashing ‘More You’ at work are the norm.

Kathy holds both private and public sector leadership experience. Known for her active participation and strategic collaboration with stakeholders and industry peers across North America, Kathy is deeply committed to expanding awareness, growth and understanding of ‘More You’ in leadership, believing bringing our whole selves as leaders is crucial for the new age of CEO’s and senior leaders.

Kathy has a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Regina in Business Administration. In 2014, she completed the Team Effectiveness Coaching Program from Concordia University. Kathy completed her PPCC Executive Coaching certification program from Concordia University (2017) and became a certified executive coach.

For the past 19 years, Kathy has held various roles as a certified fitness leader/instructor. Kathy acted as Co-Chair on a non-profit cooperative board, and currently serves as a member of the REAL Board of Directors. In addition, she is a serving member of the SafeSask Board of Directors and the Leaders Council at the Hill and Levene Schools of Business, University of  Regina.

Kathy's Leadership Pillars

What's Next?

Kathy is currently championing a people and potential mobilization initiative at SaskPower with a goal to promote and empower women in the workplace.

“SaskPower is committed to working towards a goal of a minimum of 40 per cent diversity representation around the executive table by 2021. Just as we would with any other stated business goal or priority, we must commit to a multi-year strategy for action within a desired timeline and work with a team of dedicated mobilization and amplification professionals in order to achieve it.” ~ Mike Marsh, President and CEO of SaskPower

As a natural extension of this initiative, Kathy hopes to influence industry leaders across Canada regarding the value and importance of opening up the funnel of leadership potential to all employees to best prepare for the attraction, engagement and retention of talented, deeply fulfilled teams over the next decade.


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Kathy is a leader who always puts people first.

Kathy is a caring and empathetic person, she always gives you the gift of listening to support, she is a leader that always puts people first, and people follow her not because of her title, because they believe in her passion and vision and because she believes in them.

Kathy’s teams achieve continuous sustainable improvements and positive results, because she trusts her people and empowers them to be their best.

Kathy is a catalyst for change, challenging the status quo while setting strategies to improve and reach the organization’s vision, and guides and leads transformational change through inclusion and cross functional teams, and builds trust and support with her peers on any leadership team that she is a member.

Gil Le Dressay

VP Refinery Operations
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Kathy quickly gains a full understanding of the operations and how divisions work together to achieve the strategy.

She is an experienced executive who brings innovative leadership and a has a sense of business strategy when addressing all the aspects of the company.

I’ve observed how Kathy motivates executive teams to adapt new leadership styles that ultimately improve the performance of the business. If you get a chance to work with Kathy, take it!

Linda Allen-Hardisty

President of Allen-Hardisty Leadership and Chair at TEC Canada
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Kathy has given me the confidence to strive for more and know that I am capable of anything I set my mind and heart to.   

I have had the pleasure of working with Kathy over the last few years and can honestly say that she is one of the most supportive and encouraging leaders I know. Her passion for leadership, commitment to professional development of others and focus on creating meaningful relationships makes her a role model not only in the professional sense, but also in your personal life.   

Kathy's support and encouragement during my time working with her has been nothing short of amazing. She challenges you to think about yourself and explore who you are, your weaknesses and strengths. She creates a safe space to open yourself up to learning. Kathy has given me the confidence to strive for more and know that I am capable of anything I set my mind and heart to. 

Jody Eckert

SaskPower | Sr. Analyst, Talent Strategy – Human Resources
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Kathy in incredibly engaging!

She is gifted with a unique and impactful leadership style and sees each person as an individual with their own gifts and talents to share. 

She is passionate and speaks from the heart on the importance of being brave and making your voice heard. 

Kathy spoke to my department on taking charge of our careers and told us to “speak up”, and my team still talks about the lessons she shared with us that day. She created an impression in a self-reflective way on her values of speaking your mind, leading with purpose, and work-life integration. The tangible and honest examples Kathy shared from her personal experience help to develop those looking to learn and grow. Her enthusiasm is contagious and she offers a fresh perspective in a natural and charismatic way.

Kathy leads with her whole self in a meaningful and memorable way and she inspires me to speak up, be more courageous and spotlight the courage in others.

Rhea Brown, Director of Procurement & Contracts Management


Rhea Brown

SaskPower |Director of Procurement & Contracts Management
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Kathy McCrum Personal Responsibility
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