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PowHERhouse Media Group, in partnership with the charitable organization, Passion to Lead, has launched an extensive social impact project in 2017 called Canadian Women Care.  The project is focused on engaging and celebrating the lives and leadership skills of Indigenous young women, including those who self-identify as young women, ages 15 to 25 across Canada.

“This project is putting the spotlight on young Indigenous women to highlight their stories of overcoming generations of colonialism and genocide through the lens of strength and resiliency.  It is a timely and relevant project to all Canadians coast-to-coast-to-coast.  There is a dominant national narrative that has devalued the lives of Indigenous women and girls for generations.  The stereotype of Indigenous women in this country is that they are alcohol/drug-addicted, unfit mothers, broken, uneducated, etc.  The Canadian Women Care project is promoting a very real alternate narrative of Indigenous women, that they are strong, resilient, educated, impactful, and meaningful members of our collective Canadian society.  

The current Federal Liberal Government has launched an inquiry into the thousands of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls in the nation that will take place over the next few years.  Many tragic and unthinkable stories of how the lives of Indigenous women have been devalued in this country since its inception 150 years ago will come to the surface.  Canadian Women Care will in parallel provide a window into the lives of young Indigenous women that will surely bring inspiration and hope to all Canadians.”  

Chastity Davis, Chair, Ministers Advisory Council on Aboriginal Women, Member, Canadian Women Care

The Canadian Women Care national advisory board is comprised of Indigenous and non-Indigenous women from non-profit organizations, government, and the private sector, working in collaboration to lead this project.  It is the vision of the board that the annual projects are tangible, action-oriented on the front lines, and measurable in impact.

2017 project goals include:

√  Deepen our understanding and tangibly respond to what girls need to THRIVE in an engaging and relevant way;

√  Build community and deepen self-respect by encouraging connection to culture, land & language through the profiling and positioning of positive Aboriginal role models;

√  Inspire and cultivate a sense of belonging & mastery;

√  Encourage an appetite for learning around spiritual & traditional structures;

√  Encourage and facilitate connection with inspiring, relatable role models;

√  Introduce the concept of Accessible Media.

For details of our 2017 social impact project, learn more about our collaborative project partners and how you can participate, please click here.

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