On The Brink of Greatness | A Roadmap and Highlights Reel from PowHERlunch Regina, February 7

Over 80 women joined us in Regina on February 7th for our second sold-out PowHERlunch:  On The Brink of Greatness!

These event highlights encapsulate the energy, wisdom, value and forward momentum experienced and speak to a roadmap by leaders for leaders as we continue our work across Canada, building strong women who lead.


Kelly Beattie:  “On the brink of greatness – an exciting place to be.  I don’t know about you, but I am not satisfied with just being on the brink.  Grab a glove and get in the game.  Engage, powHERfully!”

  1. We all have a choice as individuals to sit on the sidelines or get in the game of our own lives.  Make your choice.
  2. And as leaders, we have a responsibility to pave the way.  Pave the way.
  3. Individuals want to be a part of something greater than themselves.  As leaders, we need to stir the hearts of those we serve.  Stir the hearts!

When we create CONNECTION to each other and to a purpose, we IGNITE action and motivation.   Let’s take our PowHERhouse selves, get engaged and step into our greatness!

Mary Weimer:
  • Our job no matter where in the organization was to serve the needs of the annual members with the hopes of retaining them as members for their whole lives. That philosophy of serving the needs of your customer has stayed with me throughout the course of my life since then.
  • What I learned very early on, is to not fuss around trying to figure out that stuff on my own. Focus on your strengths.
  • Retail is changing.  The retail environment has changed enormously in the past decade and businesses that were mostly or all online are now investing in brick and mortar stores to support the growth of the brand. A physical store space is a lot more than just about selling these days. A “store” is actually a place for the brand to tell a “story”.
  • I’ve always believed that anything is worth a shot and never say never.
  • At the end of the day, we all live by a set of values. For me, the values that I live by at work are the same ones that I personally live by. I don’t want a life where my personal life is separate from my work life. To me it’s not about work/life balance it’s about work/life integration. If I can get up every morning and Be Brave and Love My Life, Improve Lives, Never Settle and Own It then I know it will be a good day.
Brenda Lucki:  “Being great is about being real!”
  • Vulnerability makes us more human and easier to connect with people.
  • Determine how you connect with people and support them.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask the difficult questions so we can get better.

Gina Grandy:  “Last fall I embarked on what was an exciting and challenging journey to the deanship of the Hill and Levene Schools of Business at University of Regina.  I start that role effective July 1st, 2018.  In reflecting on my journey to this place, I want to share with you three pieces of my story:

  1. Be open to what others see in you.  I have landed in this role because many others have seen something in me that I have outright rejected, refused or didn’t want to see for many years.
  2. Don’t underestimate the impact of a title.  I know very clearly now that being in a formal leadership role means I have a place at tables where I otherwise wouldn’t.
  3. Know what guides your leadership.  For me personally, three practices that stand out:  practice empathy, have courage, and know yourself.  What guides your leadership?

Charlene SanJenko:  I continually ask myself, “Why are women still on the brink of greatness?  And how do we blast past the brink and onto our full EPIC potential as Exceptional PowHERhouses in Canada (‘EPIC’)?”

Top 3 Performance Pitfalls still plaguing women:

  1. We’re not prepared.  Women are not adequately prepared for the opportunities that we say we want.  Reality check.
  2. We’re too busy.  We are habitually and perpetually ‘too busy’ trying to be good at everything resulting in diffused and unfocused energy.
  3. We’re inefficient.  One of the things we’re busy with is re-creating the wheel.  Why do women feel we must ‘birth’ everything?  Plug-in to systems and partnerships dedicated to your growth and designed to successfully improve your effectiveness.  It’s not rocket-science, but we’ve got to stop re-creating the wheel and focus on traction.

Three tangible actions to blast past the brink and onto greatness:

  1. Open Up the Access Points.  Whether you are a decision-maker and have the ability to champion measurable initiatives and targeted campaigns such as internship or mentoring programs or you are an emerging leader looking to blast through to the next level of your potential, open up your access points.  Place yourself where you need to be to make sh*t happen.  Speak with those you need to to do so.  And above all, BE PREPARED for what you say you want and are ready for.
  2. Know Your End Game.  To repeat: Know what you are ready for next and be prepared to clearly, concisely and confidently communicate it.
  3. Use Bigger, Bolder, Braver ASKS.  Remember, specificity breeds simplicity.  To move forward – faster – ASKS must be clear, specific and geared to action.  It is time to fully harness our collective energy, wisdom and connections for our greatest impact.  Big, bold, brave asks are the rocket-fuel needed to catapult us forward and must be accessed and fully utilized.


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