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PowHERhouse is deeply committed to increasing the number of Canadian women in key leadership positions by 10% by 2025.

That includes on boards!  We are grateful to be working with Dentons on a brand new media initiative called Board PowHER!

Board PowHER is a Canadian Readiness and Visibility Campaign for female leaders.  In partnership with Dentons, we are excited to move the conversation of Women on Boards forward.  Review our Dentons Partner Announcement here.


Our Launch Event will be held in Edmonton in SPRING 2019 - watch for details.


If you would like to receive information about Board PowHER as it becomes available, please let us know here: 

Possible outcomes for this event to be considered

The purpose of our Launch Event is to initiate a dialogue targeted at follow-up actions that could include:

  1. Developing a relevant readiness checklist for women and a succession planning checklist for boards that includes the planning and perspective needed to build the staircase to recruit, accept and welcome more women onto boards in Canada and determining best distribution methods for them both.
  2. Consider a Board PowHER directory/visibility board, produced by PowHERhouse and distributed regularly online, at select events, through strategic networks, and when appropriate with other media partners.
  3. Consider a Board PowHER recruiting + recognition campaign to clearly communicate key messages around readiness, story-tell lessons learned and best practices shared through this initiative, showcase positive role models who currently sit on Canadian boards, and lay the groundwork necessary to proactively recruit our next round of female leaders.

Specific Call-to-Action following this event

Guests are our Spring 2019 event will be asked for their input on the three actions listed above as well as any other actions seen to be even more of a priority in order to move this conversation forward, faster.

Discussion Items may include:

✓ If there was a check-list to be ‘Board Ready’, what actions or steps would be on it?

✓ What are the biggest challenges that women still face, and how do we break down those barriers?

✓ What are the most relevant best practices from Boards getting it right and women who have Board PowHER?

✓  Which industries boast better representation of women on boards and are the organizations in those industries doing anything differently or is this representation simply the result of an industry where more women are working?

✓  If the vast majority of corporate board appointments continues to be made via networks (who you know), what are the tangible steps to break into those networks, build allies, and be top-of-mind for referrals.

✓  How do we increase the overall level of awareness on board positions available or coming available?  In many cases, boards are a best kept secret.

✓  Successful boards possess a solid board skills matrix.  Women need to own their expertise in a chosen area and know how to clearly communicate that.

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