Meet Ben.

Ben Smith is a thoughtful, introspective creative who uses his life experience to help others explore and navigate their own journey.

Many of those experiences occurred during a dark time of Ben's life when he was forced to learn invaluable lessons.

Personal struggles with violence, addiction and self-loathing shaped Ben into the compassionate, gentle, magnetic and joyous person he is today.

In his writing, Ben explores the universal struggles that everyone can relate to in some way, reminding us that:
  • We are all connected.
  • Life is an ever-evolving process of reflection, healing and growth.
  • Prioritizing time to stay grounded on a daily basis keeps our perspective in check and allows us to fully enjoy the life experience we most want.


Ben's current creative project, Killing Goliath, is a 45-to-60 minute television drama about overcoming loss, suicidal temptation and self-loathing to discover the true price and value of life, love and self-acceptance.