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Leadership Insights by Wendy Turner-Larsen

Imagine a world where women were powerful and strong.

A world where women knew they were enough and lived and served from that full-enough-ness place of being.

A world where women lived life with the freedom to be who they really are with un-abandoned recklessness.

What if you were enough and truly believed it?

What would be possible for you?

A ‘new way’ is required for women to become ALL they truly are.

In her upcoming book, Wendy Turner-Larsen accesses her vast education in the fields of psychology, adult learning, leadership, brain nutrition, hypnotherapy and spiritual development and over 30 years experience in counselling, coaching, teaching, speaking and program development design to bring together a powerful manual - part story - part theory - part workbook.

She pulls key concepts from psychology, personal growth, neuroscience, brain nutrition and spirituality, synthesizing many pieces of information together as a whole to create powerful change.

BECOMING YOU makes what has been overwhelming, confusing and challenging about personal growth, simple.

As a workbook, it is a powerful tool for women to gather in circle, create conversation, support and deeply listen to one another, set goals, practice new mindsets and behaviors, and deepen into oneself as you become more YOU.

Wendy believes the most powerful way to grow into YOU requires three things:

  1. Relevant personal growth information synthesized and made simple;
  2. We need to know the process, the ‘how’ to create change and take actionable steps; and lastly,
  3. We need to engage in this process in community, even if it’s one other person, a friend, colleague, coach or counsellor.

Designed and written especially for women, BECOMING YOU provides readers with information and knowledge, guiding you into a journey of deeper self understanding, that will assist you to explore and reflect on yourself and your life and move you out of a world of should's into a world of possibilities.

BECOMING YOU shares a holistic perspective for whole being living, mind, body and spirit to help you see the you beneath the surface, your light and shadow and offers insight, exercises and tools to unravel all that gets in your way so you can become who you really are.

You are enough. You do enough. Un-becoming who you’ve created is the way to become who you really are.

This is the transformation to being enough. 

This is the new way.

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Wendy Turner-Larsen is an insightful Psychologist, Coach, Facilitator + Speaker who guides women to lead from their core where the power of the mind, the wisdom of intuition, and the possibility of the human spirit powerfully intersect to amplify impact.

Learn more about Wendy here.

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