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Balance for Better

Leadership Insights by Jay-Ann Gilfoy

Where are we at in Canada and globally with our goal of forging a more gender-balanced world?

As the CEO of a national organization, community leader and mother, there is a deep sense of responsibility to do my part.

What exactly does that look like? How does it show up, every day?

Our core values come alive with our daily decisions. What are the small wins we are celebrating each day that move us towards greater balance?



A few wins that I try to integrate daily:

  • Cultivating a state of equilibrium begins with me. Who am appreciating today, and how am I expressing that?
  • Generating balance in our teams is a natural result of a deeply embedded inclusive culture. It’s a lens we look through every day, in every action and decision.
  • Long-term gender-balance is deeply rooted in respect. It sounds so basic, but am I giving the type of respect that I am looking to receive in my daily interactions?
  • A true indication of respect is holding space, demonstrated by active listening, making room for other’s voices, and encouraging their valued contribution into the greater conversation.


If we break it right down to daily doable wins, BalanceforBetter becomes part of our leadership DNA.

[Originally published IWD, March 8, 2019.]

Jay-Ann Gilfoy, a visionary senior leader who develops high-performing teams with a future-oriented focus on people, purpose + profits all operating at their highest potential.  Learn more about Jay-Ann here.


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