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The PowHER of Community

As we move into Spring, those New Year resolutions to ‘better’ yourself and reset or reboot for the year ahead of us have been in effect for a while, and perhaps may have slipped up a few times due to basic human nature and the reality of changing old patterns and habits. It’s a time where our…

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Kaare Long | Dancing in Your Flow

Why Your Structure Never Works Out the Way You Plan Summer has wound down; and you’ve enjoyed an incredibly free and fancy few months.  Perhaps the kids have been home from school, you’ve gone camping, and taken some much needed vacation time.  Summer is a time to toss the schedules out the window and ‘go with the…

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The Awesome thing about Adversity

The path to a positive and powerful relationship with life is filled with adversity says PowHERhouse PR and Social Media Expert, Kaare Long.   In our business and personal lives…   Struggles, strife, disappointments, road blocks, heartbreaks, failures, wrong choices, mistakes, accidents, nasty surprises, poverty, debt, loss, having to start over again – do all of…

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