Anne Beaulieu, Emotional Intelligence Coach, Authentic Speaker, TeenMentor, Bestselling Author

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Anne Beaulieu is a thought leader in the field of Emotional Intelligence and a global catalyst for positive change.

Anne gives voice to women who have ever felt responsible for everyone and everything in their life.

"Nothing can dim the light which shines from within."

~ Maya Angelou

Anne aims to reach:
*Canadian Educational Leaders in order to bring Emotional Intelligence Keynotes & Workshops to the classroom.
*Canadian Business Leaders in order to bring Emotional Intelligence Keynotes & Workshops in the workplace.
*Chinese Women in Canada in order to export Emotional Intelligence Keynotes & Workshops to China (school & television).

Anne's unique differentiators in emotional intelligence and connecting with her audience include:

  • Vulnerability:  She is willing to feel and openly share her story.
  • Compassion:  She holds a safe place for others to also feel their story.
  • Empowering:  She is a powerful catalyst and global influencer for positive change.

Anne is ready to connect with Canadian Educational Leaders, Business Leaders, and Chinese Women in your network.

"I have had the honour of mentoring Anne for three years.  As you will see in her writing, Anne's journey has not been an easy one, but it has been a courageous one.  I have had the honour of being her guide as she walked inside her own, often painful story to retrieve the true beauty and gifts she has to offer.  Anne is now serving others in a magnificent manner.  I have no doubt she has what it takes to make the kind of impact she wishes to make in our world.   Anne's commitment to her journey make her a rare and excellent coach because every day she is walking her talk."
~ Dov Baron, Inc. Magazine Top 100 Leadership Speakers, Bestselling Author, Mentor and Founder of

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