Amplify your IMPACT.
Voice & Visibility for powHERful women who lead.

PowHERhouse celebrates women in a BIG way!
MEDIA2MOBILIZE redirects energy and influence to create change.


Media is a powerful leadership progression tool, a missing piece that has been overlooked - until now.

As women leaders see, hear and feel themselves being celebrated by a third-party, their confidence, clarity and courage escalate, and other women see what is possible.  As women see their organizations profiling and celebrating them, trust in leadership progression builds.  Something is happening!

We offer you the opportunity to redefine how you think about and utilize media, where your advertising dollars are being directed, and if they are truly aligned with your highest purpose:

  • MEDIA2MOBILIZE sits in a sweet-spot of targeted digital media, purpose-driven PR, and leader development with a brand value that calls to high-performing leaders with relevant programming, tangible tools, and visibility opportunities to amplify their impact.
  • Our program delivery is highly applicable, adaptable and transferable to various sectors and markets, both domestically and abroad.
  • Our sustainable funding model already exists, with fractional spend redirection, making it a ready-to-use, viable option for organizations looking for an easy solution to take action.

You can be an industry champion.  You can role model what is possible.  Imagine redirecting just 1% of your annual media buy to build strong women who lead within your organization, your industry and your country.

Let's connect all of the dots to move women forward, faster.  The solution is waiting.  What are you ready for?

Mobilize women with media.  Here's how.