A National Visibility Program for Senior Leaders in Canada.

We recognize you.

You are a senior leader ready to fully harness the ultimate culmination of your depth of experience and leadership wisdom to access meaningful opportunities as you move towards the CEO Suite, onto board positions and into increased cross-sector visibility, nationally.

Our AMPLIFY program, by invite or referral only, is a distinct, creative process designed to:

  • Amplify your personal brand through the development of a customized strategy
  • Support your communications efforts with authentic, impactful, memorable messaging
  • Profile and position you and your priorities through our third-party PowHERhouse Platform
  • Compliment and leverage your current leader development efforts in a unique and productive way

PowHERhouse has spent nearly two decades building a solid foundation comprised of an effective online media platform, inclusive of a solid distribution base, a live event series and reputable network.

The AMPLIFY program allows us to successfully work with senior leaders in Canada looking to maximize their professional development dollars.
Now, we want to use it to move you, your reputation and value along with your leadership mission, powHERfully forward.
We are ready for you.  Are you ready for us?
Stronger, together.  Forward, faster.  We build strong women who lead.

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"I transitioned from a corporate career in marketing and communications in 2000 to create a national women's leadership accelerator, PowHERhouse.

I have experienced what works to successfully support leadership priorities in a corporate setting and wanted to create a framework, platform and creative team to best support women's leadership priorities who ready to stretch into their fullest potential and grow their position of influence as key leaders in Canada.

Ready to move forward?  Let's book a conversation to discuss."

Charlene SanJenko, PowHERhouse Founder + CEO |  604.741.7985

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"I knew there was something special about Charlene and PowHERhouse from the start! I am beyond grateful to Char for her vision of PowHERhouse, and to myself for listening to my instinct to be a part of it.  I had no idea what I wanted to do in the world and how I wanted to communicate what I was up to.  Char, along with PowHERhouse Media Group, gave me a platform to stand on. The SPEAK! Canada program was an amazing push forward into recognizing my voice and how much I wanted to advocate for the Oil and Gas industry AND the environment... I’m also been extremely honoured to have met and be surrounded by some of Canada’s most ambitious and inspirational thought leaders through PowHERhouse. These women push me further and farther than I thought possible. The concepts and ideas that were in my mind for so long now have connections, networks and are possible."

- Julia McElgunn, Geologist + Sustainability Advocate

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“That is what being part of PowHERhouse is all about.  It is creating a community… a network… a “tour de force” that reminds each one of us that together, we have the power to lead our lives with courage, grace, and positive energy.”  

– Christina Benty, Retired Politician, Jazz Singer & Differentiated Leadership Specialist

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"I've been coaching high-performing women in executive and senior leadership positions for over a decade and what PowHerHouse is doing is brilliant. Charlene and her team have built a robust platform and coupled with their deep understanding of brand positioning and marketing, and their wide reaching network, PowHerHouse is perfectly positioned to be the change this country is craving. More women! More women leading powerfully, authentically, and courageously. I couldn't be more thrilled to be connected and supported by such a powerful group." 

Heather White, CEO, 2020 Communications Inc.

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