The Leader Path
Progressive performance to mobilize leaders.

Results are an inevitable occurrence with consistent commitment and follow-through,
individually and collectively.


The Leader Path

Much like world-class athletes, progressive performance advances women leaders faster with The Leader Path guiding how they get from A to B.  With clarity around which stage she is at, access to the opportunities needed to move forward, and confidence to ask for what she needs to do so, mobilization happens.  

Four stages a woman walks on her path to becoming a great leader:

Stage 1:  Inspiring Possibility

If she can do it, maybe I can too. If we can see it, we can be it.

Stage 2:  Building Capacity 

What are you ready for next? Traction occurs in the presence of access and readiness.

Stage 3:  Sustaining Success

Can I hold on? I will grow - stronger for longer - with a solid foundation.

Stage 4:  Ready to Rise!

Great leaders make tough decisions.  Tough decisions make great leaders. When we are uncomfortable, we are GROWING!

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