Send LOVE to Women who Lead, Beyond Belief

This Valentines Day, PowHERhouse Impact Media Group wants you to join them in sharing their devotion to realizing two of the UN-2030 Sustainability goals by sending 3000 digital valentines to acknowledge the leaders, organizations, and individuals who Lead, Beyond Belief. 

Women and Organizations like:


Bridget Burns of WEDO - Women’s Environment and Development Organization

Sara Wolfe - Indigenous Innovation Initiative - Grand Challenges Canada

Professor Youngme Moon - Unilever

Vicki Saunders - Founder and Visionary of SheEO

Tara Abrahams - Executive Director of the Girl project

Monika Ille - CEO of APTN 

Jessi Baker - Founder of Provenance HQ

Carol Anne Hilton -  CEO and Founder of The Indigenomics Institute

Bridget Croke - VP of External Affairs for Closed Loop Partners

Cassandra Nordell - Co-Founder & Principal Designer of William Standen Co.

Nicolette Richer - 22M Strong and CEO of The Green Moustache

Margaret Heffernan - Entrepreneur and Author 

Autumn Peltier - Indigenous Clean Water Activist

Hannah Jones - Chief Sustainability Officer and Vice-President of the Innovation Accelerator of Nike

And many many many many more. 

Our Goal 

Help us send love to 3000 women around the world.We want the United Nations to see that they don’t have to do all the work. We have our hands at your back and collectively we become the hands at their back, all of us in it to realize two of the UN-2030 Goals:

  1. GENDER EQUALITY - empowering women and girls, and ensuring they have equal rights
  2. INDIGENOUS PEOPLE - the empowerment of Indigenous people, inclusive and equitable quality education, and engagement with Indigenous people in the 2030 agenda.

Our Ask of You

Send this digital valentine to ten women you feel Lead, Beyond Belief. Tag us in the post so we can meet them and learn more about what they are up to in the world.

SanJenko states:  “Five years since the adoption of the 2015 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals puts us one-third of the way to 2030. To fully ignite and activate the potential needed for the world we want in 2030, we need a local-to-global approach to collective action.

When we deliberately weave our attention, send love, energy and activate our collective efforts, we begin to braid for a better tomorrow.

Valentine’s Day may be a ‘Hallmark’ celebration, but letting Love Lead us Beyond Belief is a true Valentine of PowHERhouse devotion of what is possible when we get behind, beside and with one another.


Post this VALENTINE of LOVE and ACKNOWLEDGEMENT to a woman you feel leads beyond belief. 


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