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First Steps forward on Your Path to Political Leadership begins April 20, 2022

Designed for those looking to become future political champions in the next one to five years by those who have been there with input from those leading in politics at this time. 

First Steps is an interactive group cohort experience from April 20 to June 29, 2022, effectively designed for full schedules and dedicated to building diversity for a brighter future in political leadership.

  • Demystify the Political Process to find JOY in it! Setting a solid foundation to better understand what you are signing up for, how to be a conscious citizen, and why better decision-making is critical to becoming the ancestors now that future generations will be grateful for.

  • Understand where you are now, what values you deeply care about, and who are the role models who inspire you and why.

  • Find your most memorable voice to express YOU and what you stand for - clearly, confidently, and concisely. 

  • Vision a path forward from here; a runway approach matching your readiness with commitment, community, and connections. You don't need to do this alone.

  • An enriching group process that combines 24-7 online access with regular interactive sessions to walk through a meaningful cohort experience building on purpose and fulfilment without overwhelming already full schedules.

NWDLC Cohort 2022

First Steps is a non-typical leader development opportunity calling to future political champions who crave making a difference for and in their communities as they take their place with purpose, find their seat at the table, and make things happen. Find your footing and know where to step next with clarity of thought and a voice bold enough to be heard.

Hosted and co-facilitated by former political champions, Program Lead and Co-Creator, Christina Benty and PowHERhouse Founder, Co-Creator, and Impact Media Producer, Charlene SanJenko.

Three modules over 10 weeks. Participants should expect a 6-8 hours-per-month (90-minutes/week minimum) time commitment to cultivate and receive full preparation and integration benefits. 

  • Cohort kicks off with a 1-hour welcome party on April 20 from 5:30-6:30 pm PST.
  • Module review group sessions run 5:30-6:45 pm PST on May 11, June 1, and June 22.
  • We conclude with a 1-hour fun wrap-up celebration on June 29.

Limited spots are available. Priority will be given to equity-seeking members, community organizations, and those who share labour's values. Support subsidies may be available for this cohort experience.


Why we are so excited about this opportunity, and why you will be too!

Former political leaders, cohort facilitators and program creators share their thoughts about Our Future Your Path and why they are so excited to meet you. Building stronger communities one group of deliberate, passionate, and whole-hearted leaders at a time. Learning, growing, and healing together.

Questions? Please contact charlene@powherhouse.com to discuss.