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The New Westminster & District Labour Council and PowHERhouse Impact Media Group partner again for a renewed commitment to inclusive diversity in political leadership.

The New Westminster & District Labour Council (NWDLC) was formed in 1966 to give a greater voice at the local level for the unions and their members in the Lower Mainland. Over the years, the NWDLC has realized notable success in increasing the diversity of leadership in the 14 communities in their region.

Join us for a not-to-be-missed Saturday morning meet-up!

Whole leadership group cohort begins April 20.

Last year's initiative kick-off was championed by the NWDLC in partnership with PowHERhouse Impact Media Group. It is described as an innovative, inviting, and inclusive comprehensive engagement and preparatory program for women and non-binary people who may be interested to run in a political campaign in the next one to five years. This year, we look forward to a continuation of this important conversation, welcoming your curiosity, fresh ideas, open hearts/minds, and community-focused values.  

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Janet Andrews, NWDLC, Secretary-Treasurer

“The New Westminster & District Labour Council has been endorsing candidates for local government for more than 50 years, and we know the importance of preparedness in ensuring success. If we want our communities to be reflective of our best selves, then we must also do the work to foster and support diverse leaders to meet their fullest potential.
We are excited to be working with PowHERhouse to help leaders who share our values to develop their skills and focus their energy to build inclusive, resilient communities for everyone.”

~ Janet Andrews, NWDLC, Secretary-Treasurer

Christina Benty, Former Mayor & Lead Facilitator

“With B.C. local government elections approaching, there is an opportunity for those contemplating this type of public service to reflect on the role of elected officials. Given that municipal government is the most accessible level of government, it is key that candidates are prepared for the realities and limitations of local government.

This cohort experience will prepare you to step into the political arena as a healthy, whole leader who is ready to be an agent for positive change. We are here to support you and help you succeed without sacrificing your values or eroding your passion. Elected officials have been called to a level of service that requires trust, good judgment, and informed decision-making. We will help be the leader you know your community needs.”

~ Christina Benty, Former Mayor & Lead Facilitator

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The ultimate goal of this initiative is to use a gender-aware lens to build better communities.

By activating and empowering more women and non-binary people who share our values of strong, inclusive, resilient, healthy communities, we ignite a clear path to successfully run for elected municipal office for future generations.

Plan to join us for our morning kick-off event on Saturday, April 2nd, followed by a group cohort experience running monthly from April 20 until June 29 with 24/7 online 'classroom' connection and accessibility.

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Morning Meet-Up April 2, 2022 featuring an open and honest informative, need-to-know panel discussion and interactive small-group strategic speed-dating session.

Preparatory Group Cohort Experience led by former two-term mayor, Christina Benty, a strategic advisor to numerous municipal leaders across Canada, and Indigenous founder, impact media visionary, and former two-term municipal councillor, Charlene SanJenko.

To learn more about this initiative and receive event details and program updates, please register here: