2022 faith-infused & future-focused framework

 By Charlene SanJenko

Don't look back

Palpable refined priorities. Fully awake. Now what?

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“Whatever we put our attention on grows stronger in our life. Our experience really depends on our filters. So what we need is to clean up our filters. Everything we do has an impact.” – paraphrased Dr. Tony Nader on Finding Mastery, November 24, 2021.

As we head into a New Year now fully awake, with hearts open, ready to do better, be better, and feel better, the question begs: HOW? Let's start here with three explorations:

  1. What is the mental loop that will play through your thoughts this year, because there will be one. We can either choose it intentionally and continually reground into it or risk the whiplash of a reactive loop that is constantly influenced by external factors.
  2. How might you lighten your grip? Loosen up and play into possibility to uplight and expand your spirit? We've been programmed to take things so literally and linearly yet we know the solutions we need now are born from wholeness, innovation, creativity, and wild imagination.
  3. Who is influencing your attention and intention? Our daily interactions, conversations, and media consumption are an energy exchange. They bring us up or they bring us down. If you are ready for the next 365 days to look and feel differently, protect your energy. It's one of your greatest resources.
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2022 Faith-Infused & Future-Focused Framework

Reflect with a purpose. Release to receive. Ready for a new chapter.

For as long as I can remember, frameworks have provided me with a feeling of freedom. Cue exhale.


Whether it's a proven 12-week fitness program, a customized 90-day strategy to meet a specific priority, or the powerful format of the disciplined 5 am club to up-level your energy, vibrancy, and vitality as you lead, solid perimeters allow, possibilities come alive and magic to happen. 

Relax into the routines and rituals you are committed to for a specific reason.

Reflect with a purpose. 

It's important to reflect on the past 12 months but only if you are going to observe patterns and behaviours with a strategic lens of what is serving your highest purpose and what's not. If you risk getting stuck in the past or looping back around to follow the exact same patterns and behaviours yet expect a different result, don't bother.


Release to receive 

A skilled quarter-back looks to see which receivers are open and least entangled in opposition before throwing the ball in order to set up the best chance for a successful play. Before you line up what you're ready for in 2022, ask yourself what you can put down. Create space for opportunity to move in; a vacuum to welcome your next opportunity. Is this scary? Yes. Does this take faith? Yes. Does it make sense? Yes.


Ready for a new chapter

Future-focused living and leading mean acting as if what you most want is already a reality. We've heard this numerous times but here's what might be different: Acting as if signals to the Universe that you are ready.


Receiving the results we want requires us to stay the course.

Depending on our level of clarity, accountability, attention, and energetic connection, there's typically a 4-6 week lag before we notice physical changes (fitness, weight loss), a 4-6 month lag before we notice life changes (opportunities, invitations, proposals), and up to a 4-6 year lag before we notice (patterns, beliefs, habits, and perspectives) that we are ready to let go and level-up in order to realize a deeper, richer, more meaningful expression of our day-to-day experience in our relationships, interactions, and overall fulfilment.*

*in my experience or opinion. 


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Charlene SanJenko is a 2x Founder and Indigenous Impact Producer. She has been called a 'Modern-Day Medicine Woman', and media is her medicine.

A 20-year commitment to the expansion of human potential, the purpose of Charlene’s life's work can be summarized as:

To use the amplification of impact media to mirror human potential and activate greatness in others with a clear path to realize all that is possible, holding space with hope for healing to happen for all our relations.

Charlene is a bridge between two cultures in our country. She is from the Splatsin tribe, the most southern tribe of the Shuswap Nation in British Columbia and now resides on the beautiful Sunshine Coast since 2004, the traditional territory of the Squamish (skwxwú7mesh) First Nations.

Are you one of our 2022 Changemakers? 

Each year I personally commit to working closely with five (5) local-to-global Changemakers who are preparing to lead change in their industry, sector, or community. As a 2x Founder focused on impact media production, I believe there is nothing more powerful to shift the narrative, lift society, and heal humanity than to walk closely beside brave Changemakers who are ready to do the work and amplify the light of their greatness.

Connect with charlene@powherhouse.com to receive information about our Partners in Changemaking opportunity and let's book a conversation to discuss whether it might be in timing and alignment for you.

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