January 11, 2022

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The 2021 Changemaker List From PowHERhouse

JANUARY 11th 2021, PowHERhouse Impact Media Group released it’s 2021 Changemaker List furthering the organization’s purpose of championing Changemakers to realize their epic impact, and marking year two of a nine year amplification and activation campaign supporting two of the UN 2030 Global Sustainable Development Goals:


  1. GENDER EQUALITY - empowering women and girls, and ensuring they have equal rights
  2. INDIGENOUS PEOPLE - the empowerment of Indigenous people, inclusive and equitable quality education, and engagement with Indigenous people in the 2030 agenda.  


PowHERhouse is a 100% owned Indigenous house of leaders for global impact using media as the beat of their drum. Each year the organization releases a three minute, grassroots impact media video to honour ten global leaders who have set in motion a ripple of positive change.


“You stepped out where there was no path and yet you made one. 

Standing tall in the dark, when there was no light

Instead, you lit up the sky.”

You continue to walk bravely towards innovation, solutions, and hope. 

Remembering to pause, reflect, and listen.

Always making sure no one was left behind. 

You are a changemaker, and we see you.”

-The Braid, PowHERhouse 2021

Year two of nine, PowHERhouse recognizes: 

Director & Filmmaker - Brishkay Ahmed

Changing collective blame to individual voices of courage.


Co-Director & Co-Founder of Native Women Lead - Jaime Gloshay

Changing outside and separate to co-creating, convening & building coalitions.


Child Safety Champion, Founder of Powerup Education - Kerri Isham

Changing vulnerable and exposed to educated and empowered.


Executive Director of CUPS Calgary - Carlene Donnelly

Changing ‘what’s wrong with you’ to ‘what happened to you’. Modeling non-profit weaving and cross-sector collaboration.


Minister for State of Childcare & MLA Burnaby Lougheed - Honourable Katrina Chen

Changing impossible choices for families to the future of universal childcare.


Senior National Advisor, Deloitte Indigenous - Fiona Kirkpatrick Parsons 

Changing profit first to prioritizing reconciliation. 


Region Head & CEO of HILTI Canada - Martina McIsaac

Changing traditionally male dominated roles to roles that support women through their entire career life-cycle.


Chief Pharmacist Officer, Canadian Pharmacists Association - Danielle Paes

Changing division and disruption to co-ordinating Provincial and National efforts to shape the future of care.


Producer, Environmental Activist, LGBTQ Equality Advocate & Actor - Elliot Page

Changing from Ellen to Elliot, Actor to Activist, and Invisible to Equal.


Medical Health Officer for Cowichan Valley Region & Indigenous Author - Dr. Shannon Waters. Changing the idea of separate worlds to all our relations.


PowHERhouse is a house of Indigenous and non-Indigenous leaders for global impact using media as the beat of their drum. Founded by Charlene Sanjenko, they have been activating and amplifying the sacred work of changemakers since 2013 through their web series GATHER for HER, their Changemaker community The Leader Path, their partner Impact Media Portfolios, and their annual FireCircle events

Watch the 2021 Changemaker List here. Watch last year’s list here. 

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The 2021 Changemaker List in Brief

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