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Now more than ever, meaningful, intentional, and purposeful connection is needed.

PowHERhouse is publicly sharing our most recent PowHERcircle Challenge with an open (and FREE!) invitation to use it.

You have time. Life has hit the pause button for us. Make it a priority. You'll be glad you did.

Any questions, please reach out to us. talktous@powherhouse.com. We're here.

"I stumbled upon the PowHERcircle Challenge after a referral from a friend. As it was early January, I was trying to go gently into a new year. My own aim for the week to create more space, EASE, and intentionality was met on the first day with reminders of gratitude. Curiosity peaked, I kept coming back each day. I found a delightful gem for my day in each morning’s session - in a mere 30 minutes! As I lived into this time of focus, the rest of my week got better and better with creativity flooding in! During one morning session, I spoke aloud my fresh goal to create a particular new design. I was moved to delve into this work after the session and within an hour the idea landed – completely formed and powerful. The week was a joyful surprise of flow and engagement with others as we all entered a new year! I find it amazing that doing something ‘more’, when it’s the right thing, seems to gift us with more time and space! Thank you!" ~ Karen Brodie Archibald, Karen Brodie Designs

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Our January 2020 PowHERcircle theme was CONNECTIVITY

We initiated our PowHERcircle Challenges back in 2017 as a simple yet profoundly impactful 7-day opportunity for our PowHERhouse collective of leaders to explore strengths and access opportunities that allow us to collectively co-create world-class impact. Why is this important?

Well, it all began with HER.

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She knew this journey is not meant to be travelled alone.

She knew it would be more fun and fulfilling with friends.

She was up to BIG things in her lifetime which require bravery.

And it is easier to be brave when you walk beside others.

She knew we are stronger together!

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  4. An invitation to join a daily conversation with our special guests...
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It's not rocket-science. 2020 calls us to be better, and better begins with different. We are so much MORE, together! It's time to fully unlock our true collective potential through of vehicle of conscious CONNECTIVITY and intentional integration for world-class impact!

Wishing you all the very best in 2020! We hope you'll join us.