2020 PowHER-List Models How for UN-2030

PowHERhouse opened 2021 with a three-minute grassroots, impact media video which tells the story of what it looks and feels like to call in Indigenous wisdom with seven generational thinking and lead for a sustainable tomorrow. The video names and honours thirteen global leaders PowHERhouse recognizes as women who Lead, Beyond Belief.

This 2020 PowHERlist marks the first of nine committed years of amplification, preparation, and activation of global leaders by PowHERhouse Impact Media Group supporting the realization of the UN-2030 agenda. 

The 2020 PowHER-List

PowHERhouse recognizes: Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Naomi McDougall Jones, Dianne Whelan, Jacinda Ardern, Autumn Peltier, Sara Wolfe, Vicki Saunders, Melinda Gates, AOC, Megan Rapinoe, Oprah Winfrey, Brene Brown and Dr. Bonnie Henry as people who lead beyond belief.

“We recognize and amplify those leaders who model an elevated realm of living and leading for HER, Human Expansion Realized, where better humans make brighter decisions, breathing hope and possibility into a more beautiful world. Where the ME-ME-ME  is dropped and replaced by the deliberate weaving of consciously innovative partnerships to fully activate  interconnectedness-in-action. As we walk towards 2030, may we be brave enough to be solutions-focused and pull off the band-aids, see the blindspots, look beyond gender to recalibrate and heal masculine energy, and intentionally step into our innate knowing that we won’t get there alone, and we weren’t born to. Where life is a Gift, and Humanity is not a race to be won but a relay for ALL our relations where no one will be left behind.” 

~ Charlene SanJenko, Impact Media Producer 

2020 PowHER-List

PowHERhouse, a House of Leaders for Global Impact is championing two of the UN’s 17 Goals to Transform the World: 

  1. GENDER EQUALITY - empowering women and girls, and ensuring they have equal rights.
  2. INDIGENOUS PEOPLE - the empowerment of Indigenous people, inclusive and equitable quality.


“To you, the visionary. To you, the brave ones, and you, the courageous leaders rising. Here, we lead with all our relations. We lead with the moon. We listen by this fire, to these stones, and the wisdom they hold. We connect to this river, and walk to one heartbeat from the hide of this drum. We listen, we lead, and we weave together, as one family on a path woven like sweetgrass. Beside each other and for each other, woven with the four directions as our guide and grounded in the seven grandfather teachings. Together, we step out from behind the shine, a hollow bone filled with belief, and reverence,  and we lead beyond belief.” 

- From the script of Lead, Beyond Belief


2021 is year one of nine remaining years before 2030. This 2020 PowHERlist celebrates the global women who are modeling the way for all of us. The 3000 strong PowHERhouse of women are ready to support the realization of a sustainable world by bridging Indigenous and non-Indigenous initiatives, and amplifying their partnerships. 

PowHERhouse is a House of Leaders for Global Impact who creates and leverages media to change the narrative for H.E.R. Human Expansion Realized. Media is the beat of our drum. 

If you would like to contribute to the PowHERhouse UN-2030 Initiative by sharing your Lead Beyond Belief Goal with us, click HERE and let us know how we can help. 

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