PowHERhouse, that rambunctious 15-year-old

My name is Charlene SanJenko, and PowHERhouse is my baby.

Char's Speech PT VancouverShe was born – from a desire, a craving for change – 15 years ago and has blossomed into an aspiring social impact organization under the guidance, support, wisdom and mentorship of some incredible women – many of whom are in this room.

PowHERhouse lives and breathes To Build Strong Women, Together.

And like any 15-year-old, she honestly has no concept of what she’s not capable of.  Anything is possible!  She’s passionate, energized, fully charged and completely dedicated to her cause – of creating positive, systemic change in the lives of girls and women both nationally and internationally.

Because here’s the thing, if you get enough powHERful women to ‘play’ …


PowHERhouse is not a women’s networking organization per se.  Actually she LOVES to connect with, interact, and ultimately win over women’s organizations.  She sees herself as the infrastructure – the conduit – that runs between these organizations allowing them to cross-pollinate, inter-communicate and creatively collaborate in an even more powHERful way.

What that means is, PowHERhouse operates under the guise of a multi-media platform run by women for women using 4 tangible tracks to accomplish our mission:

  • Events – like the one you’re at today, and we’re getting ready for our cross-Canada tour;
  • Good Reads – our quarterly digital lifestyle + leadership magazine called ‘PowHERhouse’ allows us to interview and celebrate amazing Canadian women making an impact in sport, business, the arts & community leadership. We story-tell to inspire women to action and profile role models demonstrating what is possible;
  • a Strong Reach – our work online is focused on providing women the solutions they need on a daily basis to stay in the practice of living a powHERful life – we all know what to do, we just need to do it, and keep doing it to build a stronger body, business and life.
  • What’s next? We’re currently pitching an interactive, relationship-building community-based television lifestyle + leadership show, with online distribution rights, PowHERtalks TV.

Yup, she’s relentless.

So what is it that drives her?  In one word, YOU.  When positive change is witnessed in her periphery, tangible results, impact.  And, the ripple is happening.  In three short months since PowHERtalks began on Vancouver Island, we have witnessed:

  • Crowd-funding of a book, printed and delivered to women here on the East Side for Christmas;
  • The start of two internet-based radio shows;
  • Business development for various women in our community;
  • New relationships and collaboration between like-minded women ready to take action; and,
  • Yes, we’ve even sparked interest for a youth version of this day, Miss PowHERtalks.

And this is just the beginning.

One of the women whom I greatly admire, Vicki Saunders, said, “We have all we need in our networks.  All we have to do is ASK.”  That’s what PowHERtalks is all about, mastering your ASK and demonstrating to others that it is okay to do so.

Today, my ASK is this:

PowHERhouse, that rambunctious 15-year-old, is looking to connect with powHERful women who can help with our top three priorities this year:

  1. We are looking to ultimately change the face of women’s media in Canada and the role it can play in women’s lives. Any opportunity to grow, expand and strengthen our multi-media platform – we’re there!
  2. We are looking to work closely with the key women’s organizations across Canada in an effort to increase communication, cross-pollination and build one unified voice for advocacy and support.
  3. And we looking to partner with sponsors and brands who get us, who are ready to play differently, and want to connect with women in a very real and integrated way. Who want to make a social impact.

At this stage of the game, we’re refining our brand.  We’re preparing for growth financing, and we’re steadily building our tribe of women who are ready to play, powHERfully.

I’m Charlene SanJenko, and if you’d like to better get to know PowHERhouse and become actively involved, if you are ready to make an impact, I invite you to connect with me.  There’s plenty of magic waiting along the periphery!

This speech was given by Charlene at PowHERtalks Vancouver, January 30, 2016.

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