100 x 100, PowHERfully

100x100-perk2-490x490At PowHERhouse, our Mission is to connect women to their strongest Self, highest sense of purpose and each other.

We whole-heartedly believe that strong women build strong families.  Strong families build strong communities.  Strong communities build a strong and powHERful future – our future.  Creating a sense of belonging is deeply ingrained into all that we do.  Providing an arena that encourages women to come together for the purpose of creating a positive impact, understanding that it begins with us.

PowHERhouse is about creating a ripple of positive change.  

We do so by providing a multi-media platform that:

  • Celebrates positive Canadian role models – from the stage to the page;
  • Provides simple solutions for women to build a stronger body, business and life; and,
  • Pulls women together for the purpose of strategically collaborating, leveraging energy and creating an impact.

We are proud to announce our 100 x 100, PowHERfully give-back campaign.  

The concept of this #WeCare-campaign is 100 women donating $100 each quarterly to a social cause that builds strong women and strong families, both locally and globally.  We also want to encourage the formation of PowHERpods:  Work with 3-4 other women and donate $20-$25 each to make up your $100 social investment if that is a better fit for you.  All it takes is a champion, a leader and some ACTION.

What is 100 x 100 all about?

  • It’s simple.  It’s women investing in women – both locally and globally.
  • Some investments may be given to non-profits or charities (meaning, some quarters a tax receipt might be possible); others will simply be given to women in need who have applied to receive 100 x 100 funding (ie. no tax receipt).
  • Applicants might include entrepreneurs looking for bridge financing or investment in a special project, women needing help with tuition costs or athletes requiring assistance in their chosen sport.  There are no fine lines are crazy boundaries.
  • Applications will be reviewed by a 100 x 100 Action Team being set up in January 2016.  If you would like to express an interest to volunteer for this team, please email us as talktous@powHERhouse.com.
  • All Applicants are part of the PowHERhouse community in some way, shape or form.
  • Some quarters the total amount of $10,000 may be gifted to one recipient or cause.  Other quarters, the amount may be broken up into smaller chunks for the benefit of numerous recipients.  Those are decisions to be made by the 100 x 100 Action Team.

Our Campaign Kick-Off:  

Throughout the months of December & January, we are recruiting 100 women to join our Winter 2015 initiative of 100 x 100, PowHERfully.  Our first recipient of our campaign will be the Gibsons Public Market.  

Why the Gibsons Public Market?

PowHERhouse believes in the value of building a strong foundation – at home – first.  We believe in the power of a positive place-making, a community hub that encourages social interaction, community-building and an opportunity for local entrepreneurs, artists and farmers to showcase their talents.

To join our 100 x 100 initiative, please visit the Gibsons Public Market Fundrazr campaign until January 31st, 2016.

Participant NOW For Your Chance to Win!

One lucky contributor to our 100 x 100, PowHERfully campaign will receive a beautiful pendant by local jewelry designer Keith Jack.  To help raise $10,000 for the Gibsons Public Market, Keith chose a piece from his Tree of Life collection:


The Tree of Life is found in many cultures. It represents the natural law of life and the interconnection of all living things. The Tree is a powerful and ancient symbol with branches weaving through time and mythology. Grow with the strength and wisdom of the ages and enjoy fulfilment in a fruitful life.

This pendant is from BC jeweler Keith Jack’s Tree of Life collection.  It is sterling silver with 18k gold leaves on a sterling silver chain.

Pendant dimensions are  1 5/8″ x 2 1/4″.

Retail value is $450.

The Public Market is grateful to Keith for this very special gift and the success it will bring to the 100 x 100 campaign.

The pendant will be on display at the PowHERtalks November 14th event.

To see Keith’s creations, visit www.keithjack.com.



In January 2016, PowHERhouse will announce our recipient for the Winter 2016 quarter.