Stretch into your EPIC potential in business, leadership + life!

womenbuilt2scale webinar series NEW

Canadian women are playing small.

Operating under our EPIC potential.

Bigger. Bolder. Braver in 2018.

Our year to SCALE.

We are excited to host a series of FREE webinars to stretch you into your EPIC potential in business, leadership and life!

See below for the 2018 schedule and details.

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Charlene SanJenko, Founder + CEO, PowHERhouse Media Group

Throughout 2018, PowHERhouse is thrilled to host a series of WOMENBUILT2SCALE webinar special guests to engage in highly stimulating, creative, innovative and interactive conversations!

"Over the past few years, I've been deeply craving meaningful contact, purposeful conversation, and relevant inspiration from powHERful women who are on my path, likely a few chapters or miles ahead of me. 

I live and love to engage with and convene powHERful women for impact, and the impact we're looking to create through this series wisdom shared - life experience, lessons learned, unforgettable stories and best practices - on the road to EPIC potential in business, leadership and life.  These women are deeply invested in their lives as leaders, and they are also invested in giving back to lift up other women - who are ready - forward, faster.  You are safe here from 'experts looking to sell you something'.  Our guests radiate quality through and through, high-calibre role models who demonstrate their social proof by who they are in their daily lives and what they stand for, evidenced by their consistent action and impact." 

Charlene SanJenko - PowHERhouse Founder + CEO



Guest names and details will be added as confirmed.

January 25, 3-4 pm pst | WOMENBUILT2SCALE - Scale Your Growth, Scale Your Impact

Join Fiona Macfarlane, Managing Partner, British Columbia, EY, Margot M. Micallef, Q.C., Founder + CEO at Gabriella's Kitchen, and Liza Rogers, Founder, WREN - Women's Real Estate Network and Producer, Victoria Real Estate Expo 2018.

February 26, NOON-1 pm pst |  2018 PowHERreads:  The Year You Finally Write Your Book!

Join Canadian authors Zena Amundsen, Sybil Verch, Erin Thorp and Corina Walsh for a lively discussion alongside Tina Overbury, Core Story Specialist on what it takes to finally get 'pen to paper' and complete your manuscript, what you should know before starting and most importantly, what the heck to do with it once you're done.  Learn more about our brand new PowHERreads book club too - books by leaders for leaders for read.

April 30th 3 pm pstEnergy Management, Sustainability & Leader Resiliency 

Leaders risk suffering burnout, adrenal fatigue, low iron levels and depression.  These risks can all be managed proactively prioritizing our health, vibrancy and vitality.  Join us for a meaningful discussion on where to start and how to maintain a consistent practice to do so.  Special Guests Betty-Ann Heggie, Joan Beck, Carey Dillen & Lori Bean.

May28thSPEAK! About the Future We Are Creating

As women say what truly needs to be said, we move forward, faster!  The ultimate possibility and fully realized potential of our future lies in our ability to SPEAK! about the future we are creating.  Special Guests Julia McElgunn, Erin Thorp, Kelly Beattie, Zena Amundsen, and Shannon Waters.

June tbcLEAN2LEAD |  Common Vices - May We Know Them, Love Them and Leave Them

What's your vice?  Sugar? Alcohol? Coffee? Screen time?  Is there something in your life that you'd like to decrease or eliminate once and for all?  How do you successfully do that - for the long-term?  We'll speak with those 'in the know' and provide you with a game plan to set you up for success.

July tbc:  Lunch 'n Learn Team Event 1 |. Connection to Fire Up Your Team

You are a team-builder, leader, HR professional or change agent seeking to boost the energy, engagement and productivity traction of your team.  Let's chat with Canadian PowHERhouses who are doing so.  Together, we'll throw around ideas and brainstorm a plan to re-fuel and fire-up your team.

July tbc:  Lunch 'n Learn Team Event 2 |  Recognition to Fire Up Engagement

The best way to engage and retain talented people is to show them that they are appreciated.  Don't just tell them, show them.  When we feel recognized and celebrated for our contribution, our level of engagement sky-rockets.  It's not rocket-science, but why aren't more organizations actively doing it?

August:  OFF

September tbc:  Board PowHER!  Women on Boards | How We Get There.

October tbcYour Money Game |  Ready to Run with the Big Boys?

October tbc:  Power Redefined |  An Indigenous Perspective 

NovemberLEAN2LEAD |  Hitting Your Year-End Goals - Body, Business + Life

November:  Peace, Partnerships & Potential in Puerto Morelos Destination Retreats

December:  2018:  Year-End Review |  What Worked, What Didn't and Where We - as Women - are at NOW!

EPIC Producers

Brought to you by EPIC TV, our upcoming digital media initiative.  Enjoy our WOMENBUILT2SCALE interactive webinar series dedicated to mobilizing women as our gift to you!  If you find value in these conversations and would like to become part of the solution, you can join us an independent media producer through our crowdfunding campaign in partnership with Project Her.  View our campaign here. 

We are also going to have a whole lot of fun!

We'll also be asking our guests the following rapid-fire questions:

powHERsuit |  Guests will be encouraged to wear what they feel unstoppable in!

powHERtrip |  Where do you go to recharge and reinvigorate? Where to next?

powHERpod |  Favourite podcast or audio-book?

powHERtool |  Favourite app or online tool?

powHERplay | What do you to do unplug, replenish, restore and have fun?

powHERtalk | One person dead or alive you'd most like to have a conversation with?