Springtime Calm Energy and Balance

by Rebecca Bertrand, March 29, 2015

10 Tips to help create a home with Springtime Calm Energy and Balance

Charles van Sandwyk, an incredibly talented local artist and friend said at a recent speaking engagement “Your environment is a mirror to your own Soul.”  He was speaking about his home which is both his office and his place of sanctuary to relax.  He has made his home a place that inspires him to create.  This is such an important lesson to us all whether you work at home or not: your space, your home environment should reflect a place that brings you joy, energy, and is a healthy space to unwind in whatever form that looks like for you.


For some, your home may need to be free of clutter with a minimalist sensibility brings you freedom to breathe.  For others, antiques and warm woods may bring you warmth and comfort.  For each of us, we need to define and support those spaces that allow us to be our better selves.  We often take it for granted how important our homes are to settle the mind.


With the help of a few local Interior Designers from Vancouver, here are 10 great tips to help create a home with calm and balance this Spring.



It is so important to have both architectural (fixed) and decorative (accent) lighting throughout your spaces to help with both overall lighting and to create ambient spaces.

My #1 tip for this is dimmer switches.  Just by simply changing out your regular switches to dimmer switches in your bathroom, dining room and bedrooms to start, you can create the mood that you desire at any time of the day.

It is an inexpensive way to easily alter the mood of a space.


Good flow

Play around with the layout of your spaces.  Move your furniture around and see how it makes you feel.  You want to ensure that the furniture is not blocking the energy or movement of the space.


Ensure your space represents you

Monica Jeffers reminds us that “Your personality should come through in the feeling of the home.”  One unique statue or a piece of art from a great trip can instantly bring you back to a great moment or memory and bring a smile to your face or put you at ease.


Ensure a cohesive palette throughout: this will bring balance to the space. If you love colour, add pops of colour into your art pieces, or on a feature wall, or in accessories such as pillows.  Byrony Wright noted that is it generally accepted that “a cool colour palette is known to induce calm.



This may not seem obvious, but varied textures bring depth to spaces and tap into and stimulate our tactile sensibilities.



This old proverb is still true today “A place for everything and everything in its place”. This will help to create less chaos and more harmony.  Effective  storage helps to manage everyday items as you move throughout your home.


Invest in items of comfort

The items that you  use every day like sofas , throws or even towels and linens, should be of good quality so that you like how they feel and they provide you with comfort.


No TV!

Bryony had another great tip “Take televisions and electronics out of the bedroom to promote a more relaxing sleep environment.”  In this world of constant movement, take the time to ensure that your bedroom is a place of rest and balance.


Natural light

Remember if a plant cannot live without light, then it makes sense that we too draw natural energy from the sun, so be sure open up those curtains and let the light in.


Plants and fresh flowers

They bring colour and help to soften and  inspire all spaces.  What a great idea for Spring!




An immense thank you to Bryony Wright of bryonywrightdesign.com (currently working and being inspired by living in Paris with her husband for a year abroad) and Monica Jeffers from MJID Interior Design –monicajeffers.com for their wonderful insights into creating calming and balanced spaces.

All images courtesy of Shift Interiors – Jamie Deck, Designer and Director.  Photography credits for all photos to Tracy Ayton Photography.

Rebecca Bertrand

As an NCIDQ certified Interior Designer, with over 16 years of experience in Interior Design, Rebecca Bertrand is a varied design professional with an eye for detail and a passion for all things design. She is currently involved in the textile field catering to the Interior Design and Decorating community.

Rebecca is obsessed with design details like pattern and texture and simple design elements that make spaces beautiful. Rebecca has a strong belief that your personal environments in which you live and work help to create and shape your every day health and happiness. Great spaces are created by going deeper and heightening all of 4 of the 5 senses. By creating beautiful spaces, you can inspire a sense of calm, you can bring bring joy, balance or bring beauty into your life.

“Your environment is mirror to your own Soul.” –Charles Van Sandwyk – artist-
“Colour is like food for the spirit – plus it’s not addictive or fattening!’’” – Issac Mizrahi

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