You have one opportunity to make a lasting first impression. OWN IT!

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Charlene SanJenko, Founder + CEO, PowHERhouse Media Group

I know you have a full schedule meetings, conferences, presentations and networking events.  I want you to be READY to powHERfully connect with those you've been waiting to meet.  OWN YOUR INTRO will do just that.  5 Days for FREE!  Join us!  Charlene SanJenko - PowHERhouse Founder + CEO

Here's What You'll Learn

Thank you + What To Expect

Upon registering, you'll receive a quick Thank You along with a Challenge overview so you'll know what to expect.

On Your Mark

Day 1 On Your Mark, clearly and concisely.  Get things started with a bang!  Maximize memorable as it rolls off your tongue.

SPEAK With Confidence

Speak what you know.  Preparation breeds confidence, and Day 2 provides an easy and implementable strategy to get you there.

Bring It Home

In Day 3, we discuss how to ensure your intro really lands rather than skimming the surface of yet another missed opportunity.

We Dare You

We dare you to be compelling.  Content is crystallized, now we move onto delivery - memorable and magnetizing.  Let's do it!

What Did We MIss?

An opportunity for Q&A's. Where do you rock? Where are you stuck? A private FB Group is available for participant feedback.

Interested to learn more about SPEAK! Canada?

SPEAK! Canada is our national program designed to provide professional women with a proven process and platform, encouraging them to speak clearly, concisely and confidently to move as leaders with impact.  Learn more here.