Shelley Hayes | Assertiveness & Self-Defense Trainer | Executive Coach | Speaker | Children’s Book Author

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Shelley is passionate about partnering with women to heal both their hearts and bodies, in order to reclaim and remember the essential connection to their instincts and intuition.

All of us deserve to live assertive lives, use our voices to be powerful, and develop practical self-defence skills to keep ourselves physically safe!

"The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any." ~ Alice Walker

Shelley is Co-Founder and Chief Empowerment Officer of Empowerment Inc., an Assertiveness and Self-Defence coaching, and training company.

Prior to Empowerment Inc., Shelley gained 16 years of experience in Executive Coaching and Organizational & Leadership Development both in the not-for-profit and corporate sectors.  She holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and Management, as well as a Certified Professional Coaching certificate, focusing on leadership.

Shelley specializes in assertive communication, bullying prevention, healthy boundaries, conflict resolution, and accountability.  She worked in HIV/AIDS services and human rights organizations prior to transitioning into corporate and healthcare realms where she developed corporate universities, multi-level leadership academies and lead efforts to improve employee culture and engagement. 

Shelley's unique differentiators are:

  • Reading is one of my superpowers - sharing knowledge and resources is a strength and passion for me.
  • As a person who has healed from my own traumas, I am an empathic guide and a deep listener to partner with women in their own healing.
  • I possess a knack for assertive communication and effective difficult conversations.
  • I specialize in teaching people how to do their inner work toward confidence and assertiveness paired with the body work and physical aspects of their personal safety for true empowerment.



Do you want to book a course for your team, work with me one-on-one or have us speak at an upcoming event?
Call me today at 403-801-2488.
Our Be Your Own Hero physical course combines the best of self-defence, personal & professional development, and coaching to build confidence and safety.
I work one-on-one with you to delve deeper into your physical and emotional self and help you feel stronger and more confident in body, mind, and spirit.
From business events to club functions, our talks spark courageous conversations and motivate teams to take bold steps toward success. We can customize a talk to your needs.


"I wasn't even sure what I was searching for when I connected with Shelley.  I just knew I wanted change in my life and wasn't certain where to start.  She partnered with me through the process of creating healthy boundaries, releasing shame and anger from my past, and helped me find my voice and be compassionate with myself.  With Shelley's help, I have been empowered to advocate for my self and others, to release the guilt that comes with self-care, and to dare to "play big" and "be seen." ~ Rebekah Rubie, Red Lodge Bodyworks

“I want to say a really big thank you and what a great course it and was… so glad I got a chance to “feel” what it could be like in a situation if it ever happened.  I do a lot of running alone and I feel like I am always aware but this had made me think a little more.  I love what you are both doing and how you share the message, it made me think of how I would like to help empower people more…Thank you again.” ~ Jenny Rowe, Team Lead, Recreation Experience, Vivo for Healthier Generations

"Empowerment Inc. were the first speakers I booked for my new social club and they blew the roof off the joint!  They were so much fun, offered such great information and left a room full of women feeling like fully empowered heroes.  Thank you Empowerment Inc... campers can't wait to have you back!" ~ Melanie McKay, Swagger Co/Camp Hoo-Ha


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