Renu Bawa | Clinical Counsellor, Health & Wellness Consultant


Improving the personal and professional well-being of individuals, teams and organizations.

“Every single second is an opportunity to change your life, because in any moment you can change the way you feel.” -Rhonda Byrne

Renu Bawa provides Clinical Counselling services and Health & Wellness Consulting sessions for clients who are ready to improve their emotional and physical health, self-esteem and overall success both personally and professionally. With a diverse background in business leadership, sales, psychology, nutrition, and health, plus cultural awareness from traveling to over 60 countries, Renu offers a deeper understanding of her clients' desires and needs. She will help you realize your strengths and skills to reach your newest goals, by promoting greater self-awareness and self-care along your journey.

Renu's unique differentiators are:

  • Exceptional human connection skills with a client-centered philosophy
  • Strength-based approach using solutions-focused interventions for growth and development
  • Teach clients a holistic biopsychosocial perspective that helps clients consciously reframe their needs
  • Positive, calm, grounded and motivating to enhance self-esteem and help keep your focus on your goals and dreams


Please connect with me directly to set up an initial 1-hour consultation to review your personal and professional executive leadership goals. Next, take advantage of our expertise in psychological training, business and sales strategies, for one-on-one customized sessions, or career and self-development group programs at the Brentwood Bay Wellness Centre to reach your full potential and greater self-awareness.
The Brentwood Bay Wellness Centre provides simple, effective, and solution-focused approaches to help you, your team, and your staff maximize potential in body, mind, and spirit. Offering a comprehensive mix of the most cutting edge and transformative workshops, one-on-one coaching or clinical counselling, customized team building workshops, and regularly scheduled leadership programs, the Brentwood Bay Wellness Centre offers the tools to maximize the potential of yourself, your team, and your organization. We offer space for growth and fulfillment for all who join us. More information is available at


"Renu, Thank you for working with me over the past 16 weeks. You have been a changing force in my life! I have spent a lifetime believing I have no personal power, no voice and that I was not worthy of being heard. You have opened my eyes and my heart to be kinder to myself and to believe in myself. Because of our work, I now know that I  have wonderful qualities, achievements to be proud of and lots to contribute. I am a stronger more confident woman. You have helped me find my voice. Thank you!" - Wendy

"I was fortunate to have the opportunity to attend a 3-day leadership workshop on the weekend with a couple of good friends of mine. It included a lot of behavioural exercises that helped you get out of your comfort zone, be more open, be more self-aware, get down to your absolute core and be your true authentic self. The bonus was hearing some unbelievable stories and meeting some incredibly kind and warm people. If there is one take away for myself personally, one of our facilitators put it best: "It's like you are in a race car and you won't slow down or get out. When you do so, you will realize that you will still accomplish a lot in life but will experience greater satisfaction". 

Thank you Natasha Richardson, Steve Miller and Renu Bawa for helping the group and I along our journey. I have attended a lot of leadership workshops over the years but this specific one "Part 1 - Self Leadership - The Human Element" was something unique I will never forget and can apply to my everyday life. Highly recommend it to anyone or organization looking to positively shape their workplace and personal life. If you are interested in attending the next workshop you can contact Renu for more details at It will be worth your time." - Elton Pereira, Paretologic Inc.


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