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IMAGINE…  a collision of Oprah, Oxygen and Fast Company…

That’s PowHERhouse Digital Magazine!

Intelligent.  Innovative.  Integrated.  Available Quarterly.  Digital.  Printed on Demand.

Our magazine celebrates positive role models who are making an impact in sport, business, the arts or their community.  Enjoy feature interviews with these women (called PowHERhouse Portraits) discussing everything from their latest merger to a favourite healthy snack they are currently grooving on or tips and strategies on how they are currently prioritizing their own self-care.

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Our Editorial Team shares simple solutions in their area of expertise to help you create a stronger, happier life.  These are Canadian women on the ground who practice what they preach who live what they write and know it works, sustainably.  Together, we focus on what you can easily implement to strengthen your practice.  Our goal is to ensure our content packs a purposeful punch.  No wasted words.  Only ideas that inspire action.

We build strong women, together.

But there’s more.  So. Much. More.  Our magazine is a vehicle for positive change, the fabric of a global movement that connects women between our live events.

You are also invited to contribute to our PowHERhouse research hub, an opportunity to influence the brands that market to women and let them know how we wish to be interacted with.  Are you tired of the overload of messaging our daughters and grand-daughters are bombarded with 5,000+ times a day?  Then do something about it.  Be part of the change you wish to see in media.

“It’s time for women’s media to play a role and make an impact that I believe we all know it is truly capable of.  Words on a page are nice but integrating our collective energy – our powHER – to influence decisions, advocate for what we believe, and show support, provide strength and muscle behind the missions that encourage positive systemic change for girls and women both locally and globally.  I honestly cannot think of anything I’d rather devote my life to.”  CSJ, Founder & CEO.

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