PowHERhouse is deeply committed to creating sustainable, systemic change resulting in a significant increase in the number of Canadian women in key leadership positions by 2025.

PowHERhouse operates a tech-focused impact-media platform to deliver solutions and mobilize women leaders across a diverse cross-section of industries and sectors.

We mobilize strong women to lead in Canada.

Building a stronger nation, one powHERful woman at a time.

PowHERhouse operates a tech-focused impact-media platform to deliver solutions and mobilize women leaders across a diverse cross-section of industries and sectors.

Our multi-platform digital operation convenes powerful women from across Canada and globally to learn, grow, scale-up, build visibility, expand networks, deepen connections and gain access to what they need next to amplify their impact. We also provide project-ready, nimble corporate client solutions to those organizations ready to close the gap between commitment and action in gender representation.

Founded in 2013 after more than a decade of solid market research, network building and proof of concept. PowHERhouse founder, Charlene SanJenko was called to meet an obvious need she evidenced countless times while working closely with women, and foundational work began in 2000. From the outset, PowHERhouse was built to last and has grown into a national brand with a solid reputation offering live events, publications, programming, partnerships and special projects to help build strong women who lead. 

One woman became two in 2008; two women became four; and PowHERhouse is now managed by a core team of five women who represent hundreds of clients and thousands of colleagues, mentors and advisers who have provided input, insights, mentoring, connections and expertise.  Meet our Core Team here.

  • START HERE: We start by asking the tough questions and celebrating those who are taking action to close the gender gap in leadership.
  • ACKNOWLEDGE: The conversation about accelerating women leaders is changing. We ensure organizations hear this, encouraging them to prioritize measurable action with a timeline, or get left behind.
  • DEVELOP: PowHERhouse works closely with our partners to develop a progressive Mobilization Plan that clearly demonstrates both internally and externally that priority has been placed on the advancement of women leaders.
  • ENSURE:  We work to ensure leaders understand The Leader Path for their organization as well as their own individual goals and clearly identify what they need to get from here to there.  We set that into motion.
  • UTILIZE: We use strategic multi-media, interactive-media and digital media, one of Canada's fast-growing, most influential industries as a vehicle for action to move each plan forward, profile leaders, communicate key messages, deliver relevant programming, and build the brand value of our partners as a key players and champions of this movement.  We up-level the effectiveness of advertising dollars and the potential for expansive impact of their results. The MEDIA2MOBILIZE shift is a key factor - missing until this point - within the women in leadership movement.  Until now.

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Winter 2019 Postcard

How We Work | Media2Mobilize, Publications, Partnerships & Programming

Media2Mobilize |  The goal of MEDIA2MOBILIZE is to create a sustainable shift – sector-by-sector - in advertising/media-buy dollars as organizations commit to a multi-year pledge.

Each pledge would specifically direct a small percentage of annual media buy budgets to strategic communications and multi-faceted media campaigns with a focus on issue-advocacy advertising that advances women leaders, reporting out annually for accountability and impact measurement. Learn more about M2M here.

Publications |  Our digital lifestyle + leadership magazine called PowHERhouse allows the partners we work with to publicly recognize and celebrate their female leaders, a great tool for leader engagement and retention!

Partnerships |  We are grateful for the support, calibre and initiative of our Partners, including The Canadian Pharmacists Association, HILTI Canada, Dentons, Deloitte, Tennis Canada, Edwards Business School at the University of Saskatchewan, and UBC Sauder School of Business. With each Partner, priorities have been clearly identified that align with our mission. A strategy is then agreed to and executed on that plugs strategically, efficiently and effectively into the PowHERhouse platform.

Programming | We offer five leader development programs to meet the various needs of female leaders where they are at:

  1. Individual Progressive Performance + 1-on-1 Clarity Conversions
  2. Women WE Celebrate leader development + visibility for emerging leaders
  3. SPEAK! Canada:  Find Your Voice.  Take Your Lead
  4. AMPLIFY National Visibility Program for Senior Leaders
  5. LEAN2LEAD:  Whole-Self Health Reset

Our live niche events reach far past typical networking as we provide speaking platforms for the women we work closely with, fill our venues through intentional invitations, and reach a high-quality and depth of conversation through carefully structured programming that encourages inspiration leading to action by profiling women who demonstrate what is possible. "If she can do it, maybe I can too!"

"I feel you have created a refreshing approach to this conversation about women in leadership; I especially appreciate the focus and integration on women leaders from all sectors - corporate, entrepreneurship, public sector, politics.  I look forward to next year!"

Our Reach

  • An engaged community of 2,800+ women
  • 5,000+ readers per issue
  • Facebook 2,957+ likes
  • Twitter 2,916 followers, estimated reach 20,000 accounts and close to 60,000 impressions per tweet
  • Linked in 2,892 connections
  • Instagram 1,211 followers
  • You Tube 65.5K views
  • 2019/2020 LIVE Events, we project 50,000+ potential interactions with women both online and at trade shows, events, conferences and speaking engagements over the next year.

Distribution and Viewership of PowHER TV:  Our pilot season of PowHER TV was distributed across Vancouver Island, the Lower Mainland, Calgary and Edmonton, airing of 20+x weekly with a viewership exceeding 700,000 viewers and a potential online audience of 22,000+ followers.  We look forward to the future development and production of EPIC TV in 2018, Exceptional PowHERhouses in Canada!

Welcome to our House.  Built by women, about women, for women ready to soar!