PowHERful Networking: SUCCESS – GWEn Conference, Ontario

Recently, PowHERhouse Social Media Expert and PR advisor, Dina Arsenault of a Cue Creative, attended the third annual GWEn (Growing Women Entrepreneurs) Conference, in the Niagara region.  This year’s theme was SUCCESS: defining it, achieving it and enjoying it.  The last part enjoying it seems to be a big hurdle for many of us female entrepreneurs.




GWEn’s mandate is to Educate, Inspire and Connect, and boy they did not disappoint.  The room was filled with an energy that was almost palpable.  These women were here to empower and support not only themselves and their businesses but fellow female entrepreneurs as well.  Having recently moved back into the area it was welcoming and refreshing to find a room filled with like minded women eager to inspire, support and collaborate with one other.


The tone of the day was set by the opening speech presented by GWEn founder Jennifer Wallace, a financial planner who reminded us that “women have ownership of over half of all businesses across Canada” and that “success can come in many forms” but it is up to YOU on how you measure it.



The day’s keynote speaker, Jennifer Blakely founder and CEO of the wildly successful letter art company, Alphabet Photography based out of Niagara Falls, relayed her inspiring story of struggle, adversity and triumph.  The nugget of wisdom that I was able to take from her story was to go after your dream, use hard work and dedication to achieve it.  She was able to discover that to be a successful female entrepreneur “you have to make a conscience choice – invest back into your business because when you do, you invest in yourself.”


Pamela Isaak, owner and founder of Hummingbird Communications, used her personal story of self discovery, finding what her priorities are and how they fit into her own personal definition of success to showcase that at the end of the day, you and your brand MUST be authentic.  “When you communicate with authenticity it provides your audience and your potential client base a much deeper and meaningful connection to you and your brand.”


Kathleen Milligan while in what is affectionately called the “Ruth Booth” was able to relay a true A Ha moment for me, “We operate in the world in three ways: Thinking, Feeling and Being” If you shift your thoughts you can and will change your life.


So many other amazing tidbits and moments from the inspiring Ruth Unrau, Michelle Knapman, Alison Kares and Shelley McQuade, to put all in this article, but I was left with some powHERful insight concerning women in business today.


We have always been taught that the only way to be successful in business is to be ruthless and cut throat, ‘get them before they get you’ mentality.  Business not unlike life is about competition and only the strongest and smartest will survive while crushing the weak in the process.  I believe this model has been eroded and changed.

Women are no longer secondary in the world of business; they are leaders and forerunners in innovation and creativity in the NEW business model of today. This new model is based on creating a sense of community and support networks around those in your inner and outer sphere.  Women have brought a sense of warmth and encouragement to the world of business, by helping others which in turn has enabled them to help themselves in the process.  {As we say at PowHERhouse, “The stronger we are, the stronger we are!”}


Strategic networking and creating nurturing and communicative support networks has enabled women to find their own path in business and in turn has created a shift in how successful business is run today.


With the instability of our economy over the years, it is no wonder that many men have taken note and are changing how they conduct business themselves and have adopted this new community based model.  Support does not diminish strength; it enhances and showcases ones sense of leadership and forward thinking.


So I guess how I continue to navigate my ever-evolving place in the world of business will be determined in how I chose to lead and manifest my own life.  I chose community over competition and support and collaboration with like-minded individuals, and I encourage you to do the same not only for your own happiness but for the success of your business as well.



Editor’s note:  We are absolutely thrilled to be working with Dina and the a Cue Consulting team!  We whole-heartedly agree with her view on business and where it is going.  In fact, it is this belief that lies at the very core of PowHERhouse and our Mission.



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