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As we move into Spring, those New Year resolutions to ‘better’ yourself and reset or reboot for the year ahead of us have been in effect for a while, and perhaps may have slipped up a few times due to basic human nature and the reality of changing old patterns and habits.

It’s a time where our excitement for changes, our motivation and passion to re-energize our efforts and re-establish our goals may start to wane as the day-to-day reality breaches the shores of our lofty ideals and the waves start to erode our masterful focus one bit at a time.


The PowHER of Community | PowHERhouse

This is nothing to worry about – mostly because worrying about something really won’t help the situation at all, but also, because it happens to all of us and it happens to the best of us.  LIFE just happens around us sometimes, and that is ok.  The best thing to do in these circumstances is to pick ourselves back up, dust off the sparkles from the procrastination fairy and start ‘again’ – it may take many ‘starts’ to finish – but that doesn’t matter.  Persistence and Consistency are always the key.

The PowHER of Community | PowHERhouseBUT! There is one really fabulous way to support yourself in staying accountable to your goals and your dreams for 2016.  Find, connect and establish yourself within a strong community of other women who have got your back. Women who understand what it is like to fall short sometimes, to fail and to be left in bewilderment and overwhelm at times.  Women who like you have gotten to where they are with sheer determination and tenacity.  This community can come in many forms, and it is a wonderful way to keep yourself moving when you have others around you encouraging and empowering you.  I know, you are probably always the one who is encouraging and empowering others, but it is important for a person like YOU to find a balance and allow yourself to also be supported and helped as well.

Building a supportive community around you may sound like yet another task that has to be done, but it is actually not that difficult to do. There are a few things you will need to ascertain and research before you begin – but once you find a group that ‘fits’ with your own values, you will be amazed at how much easier things will become when you have that resource around you daily.

Some ideas for groups or communities that you can join or build around you are:

  1. Research and join a networking group in your neighborhood or city.  Visit a few as a guest and then decide which one feels the most natural and welcoming to you and join! This investment is not only a wise business decision, but a very mature and practical thing to do on a personal level as well.  It’s a WIN any way you look at it.
  2. Search out local ‘Groups’ that meet at coffee shops or other venues and focus on particular topics.  Find a group that is applicable to your line of work – you can also find groups that focus on Entrepreneurship in general so you can get lots of support from others who are running their own business as well.
  3. Find an online resource that offers support, empowerment, advice and other things that are geared towards supporting YOU as a community.  PowHERhouse is one community that can empower and support you regularly, and you’ve already found yourself here! Join in the conversation and see how you can become a part of this community yourself.
  4. Create a Mastermind group with others in your line of business, or who work for themselves. Find colleagues or friends who share your values and are able and willing to challenge you and themselves and hold you and themselves accountable regularly.

These are just SOME ideas on where you can find a community to hang your hat – there are many different options – the trick is in researching, finding and then assessing the match to you.  The rest will unfold and support you in ways that you can’t even imagine yet!

Giving this gift of community to yourself is one of the most powHERful ways to ensure you stay on task and also give you the support and encouragement you need and deserve.

If you’d like to explore the power of community further, feel free to connect to me at any time!  My business is the business of Community, Connection and Communication – I would LOVE to chat.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Kaare Long

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