Closing the gap between commitment and action to advance women leaders.

While leaders want more women in the higher ranks and are committed to the cause, the are not approaching the problem the way they would any other business priority.

Until now.


MEDIA2MOBILIZE advances Canadian women sector-by-sector to close the gap between commitment and action.

  • It formalizes the entire mobilization process, including the measurement of its impact.
  • At the core of M2MW is building confidence and capacity through relevant and relatable storytelling, learning opportunities, and leader development programming developed by women, for women, showcasing women, what is possible and  what we need to move forward as leaders.
  • Our sustainable funding model already exists, with fractional spend redirection, making it a ready-to-use, viable option for organizations looking for an easy solution to take action.

Ready to mobilize women in your industry? 

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