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Lisa Baylis is on a mission to awaken the well-being of educators so they can authentically live their lives with purpose, dignity, and accomplishment and bring that positive energy and joy back into their classrooms.


“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” 

Maya Angelou

Lisa Baylis is a Well-being Change Maker, Positive Educator & Resiliency Mentor in Victoria, Canada.  She offers workshops and retreats that bring tools, strategies, and space to educators in order to help them create wellness habits for themselves and the students in their classrooms.

She has presented at conferences locally, provincially, and internationally about positive education and teacher well-being.  As a parent, whose children are in the public school system, she is a strong advocate for awakening educator’s well-being and rebuilding their resiliency in and out of the classroom.

Lisa's unique differentiators are:

*Carries a deep passion to create schools that put positive well-being of staff and students at the forefront of the educational experience.

*Practicing Educator who values well-being and authentic living.

*Inspiration Mentor, Change-Maker, Space-Creator & Community Builder

*Heart/Mind Educator and Counsellor


Are you an educator looking to re-awaken the well-being in all aspects of your life?

Do you want to bring joy back into your classroom?

Are you looking to create a positive culture within your school and classroom?

Book a retreat or workshop with Lisa, and she will reconnect you with your "WHY" - why you became an educator, reminding you that your presence and well-being matter when working with youth.

Next AWEsome retreat is February 4th in Victoria - this is an invitation to all educators for a purposeful day of restoration, re-energizing and reflection.  

Lisa's genuine interest in and passion for educator well-being is both refreshing and essential.  As a relatively new educator with four years teaching experience, I often feel the extreme overwhelm and exhaustion this profession has to offer.

I have participated in several of Lisa's workshops, and with her guidance and expertise, I have learned so much about maintaining a healthy work-life balance. I appreciate how Lisa keeps up with the most recent wellness research; Lisa is always sharing and learning alongside the educators she works with and for.

Lisa is a champion for educator well-being!

K. Alleyn, Greater Victoria Middle School Teacher

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