Kelly Beattie |  Transformational Change Agent, Facilitator & Keynote Speaker

Kelly Beattie | Transformational Change Agent, Facilitator & Keynote Speaker

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I want people to feel they can contribute and make a difference in their workplaces.

"People generally want to be a part of something bigger than themselves!"

Kelly has a passion for people and a vision for continuous improvement and engagement.  As she encounters teams in various organizations, she is able to use her skills in team-building and change leadership to inspire others to be passionate about what they do each day and recognize their untapped potential as leaders both personally and professionally.

Her love for people is what enables Kelly to connect with those she encounters and leads daily.  She is able to empower individuals to see themselves and their work with a fresh and positive perspective.

Kelly's unique differentiators are:

  • Certified LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods facilitator.
  • Kelly’s approach to team development, problem solving and improvement is one of inclusion and engagement, ensuring those that may be impacted have the opportunity for input.
  • She works to improve the results of the projects that she is involved with while at the same time building strong relationships, through strong leadership, that carry into the future. 
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I seek to grow my network and learn how to continually differentiate while developing myself and my business.  I work with intention to motivate others, ignite change and assist teams create a connection to their purpose, design their own improvement journey and engage those at the heart of the organization.

"Kelly has an amazing stage presence.  She has the ability to engage the participants through story, while commanding the room with presence and control.  Kelly is very personable and she has an engaging style.  She is a real natural, creating connectivity with her audience."

Larry G Linne, CEO and President - InCite Performance Group, Author of Make the Noise Go Away & Brand

Kelly Beattie ranks among the very best speakers I have encountered.  Her speeches on the topics of innovation and management leadership influence attendees to action.  She has the ability to have attendees gain a fresh perspective on engagement that in turn evolve into better, successful business practices.  Kelly is a constant learner and her capability of working in diverse groups is relevant to today’s industries.  She is a trusted resource and she delivers valuable information and analysis in an inspiring and meaningful manner.”

–Kallie Wood, MA, PFP, Owner/Executive Facilitator/Advisor – Converging Pathways Consulting

Charlene SanJenko

Charlene SanJenko is the Founder and CEO of PowHERhouse, a social impact organization utilizing a multi-media platform to build strong women.

A vibrant entrepreneur who embodies lifestyle + leadership, Charlene finds her greatest joy bringing together powHERful women ready to make an impact and change the world, powHERfully – one woman, one family and one community at a time.

“We recognize that the change our world needs is us, and we’re stepping up, speaking up and showing up to take action, together. We recognize the importance of integrating lifestyle + leadership. PowHERful women require strength, energy, confidence and connections to realize and sustain their dreams.”

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