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Fit and Fresh Skin 365 Days a Year

Keeping skin youthful and balanced every day is no easy feat. We work hard to take care of our skin, and yet, we still have to battle against things like gravity and exposure to environmental influencers that take a toll on the health of our skin and our bodies. But we can each do our part to help our skin age beautifully, and protect it from the elements. Here are my ‘rules to live by’ in order to keep skin looking fit and fresh 365 days a year.

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Janna Shapero, PowHERhouse Herbal & Holistic Health Editor, shares her top 10 reasons to use bitters in Spring –  so valuable for your digestive and metabolic health as well as your energy! After a long...

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Mango Chicken on Spaghetti Squash

Mango Chicken on Spaghetti Squash: A quick and easy delicious dinner-time solution. Whole food, lean-eating at its finest with PowHERhouse.   Pre-marinate organic chicken breasts.  Suggested...

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Fashionable Healing: Yvonne Hogenes and Firma Energywear

Fashionable Healing with Firma Energywear:  Fashion + Health Collide to Create Community Impact Yvonne Hogenes of Firma Energywear uses business success to support and empower women both locally and...

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Combatting Adrenal Fatigue and Elevated Cortisol Levels

Trager-Influenced Techniques for Relaxation and Bodywork to Combat Adrenal Fatigue   After 15 years of working closely with women and their lifestyle management goals, there is a very important piece that I feel...

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Feel More Powerful this Spring

Want to feel more powerful this Spring?  Let’s start with how you view your fitness. I grew up with 4 older brothers and 4 male cousins. In the 6th grade my teacher called me ‘chunky’ in front of my...

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Heather Dulaney Certified Professional Trainer at Vibe

Heather Dulaney Certified Professional Trainer at Vibe Heather comes to us with extensive experience in strength building. Since the start of her personal practice in 1996, strength building has transformed her mind,...

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Creamy Gluten-Free Whole-Food Spinach & Avocado Sauce

This creamy gluten-free, whole-food spinach & avocado sauce is perfect for spaghetti-squash pasta, a tasty topper for protein patties or a nice finishing touch to roasted veggies.   Simple, quick, easy and...

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Springtime Calm Energy and Balance

10 Tips to help create a home with Springtime Calm Energy and Balance Charles van Sandwyk, an incredibly talented local artist and friend said at a recent speaking engagement “Your environment is a mirror to your own...

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Friends, Food & Fun: Hotel Hotel Seattle

Friends, Food & Fun in Fremont:  A Weekend Getaway at  HOTEL HOTEL Seattle Community-Based Travel Feature Rekindle [ree-kin-dle]:   verb – to excite, ignite, stir up, or arouse anew. “Our travelers...

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Tracey McVicar, Venture Capitalist and PowHERful Philanthropist

Tracey McVicar is a busy lady, and when we say busy, we mean it.  At this time, this Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada (as recognized by the Women’s Executive Network in 2014) balances a career in corporate...

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Item #36-Active Body Nutrition Supplements

These two beauties were busy konniving today! Powherhouse Confidence Coach & Physique Champion, Steely Springham, Steely Fitness LIfestyle Competition Confidence Coach, (right)...

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